Mercury Toxicity

Learn more about the nature and dangers of mercury toxicity.

Mercury exists in various forms; metallic or elemental, inorganic forms such as mercuric chloride, methyl, and ethyl chloride. The various forms have different toxic effects on different parts of the body such as the nervous system, digestive system, immune system. It also affects the skin, lungs, kidneys, and eyes.

How can we avoid exposure to mercury?

  1. Avoid inhalation of elemental mercury from the mining industry. Wear protective masks if you work in the mines.
  2. Avoid eating contaminated fish and shellfish. Consuming foods that contain mercury is the most common cause of mercury poisoning according to a WHO report. We can still eat fish to gain the health benefits of fish by avoiding the large fish varieties that accumulate a lot of the toxins. Eat wild-caught fish from waters that are less polluted than those close to the coastal areas.
  3. Dental amalgams are composed of mercury and silver. The American Dental Association believes it is safe but other advanced countries in the world such as countries in Europe have banned the use of amalgams for dental fillings. A lot of studies have shown that these amalgams do leak mercury into the body leading to toxicity. Find a dentist that would use a composite filling that does not contain mercury.
  4. Dispose of mercury thermometers safely. Most health departments in the county have a program for collecting those old thermometers with a mercury-filled bulb.
  5. Avoid cosmetics and personal care products that contain any amount of mercury. United states allow less than1 mg/kg of mercury in cosmetics other than eye areas, but it is banned in the European union. Skin lightening creams and soaps used by people of African and Asian origins contain a high amount of mercury. Some of the soaps labeled “antiseptic soap” contain mercury in high amounts. They can cause kidney damage, skin damage, depression and neurological symptoms or peripheral neuropathy.

What can I do If I already have exposure to mercury?

Find a healthcare practitioner who can help you with a detoxification program that is specifically targeted for mercury removal. It takes time and concerted effort to remove mercury from the body. It binds to deep tissues of different internal organs as well as bone. It might be necessary to undergo several cycles of detoxification to eliminate it from the body. It is, of course, important to avoid exposure.

Contact Wize Nutrition Therapy to Learn more about Mercury Toxicity

Many chronic diseases may be caused by mercury toxicity. If you have any chronic disease find a practitioner that focuses on identifying the underlying cause of the program and has a natural, effective way of eliminating the cause, and support your body’s healing process.

Nutrition Response Testing can identify the underlying cause of chronic diseases such as mercury toxicity, food intolerance or sensitivity, chemical toxins, and biotoxins. We can use the same program to support your body’s detoxification and healing using customized nutrition and nutritional supplements. Contact Wize Nutrition Therapy today at (727) 216-3972 to book an appointment today.