Underlying Cause of Most Chronic Diseases

It is unreasonable to expect to completely resolve disease conditions without addressing the underlying cause of the disease. Conventional medicine is very effective in suppressing the symptoms of diseases and maintaining the function of relevant organs with drugs. The reason why those diseases are chronic is that they do not generally address the underlying cause of the problem, therefore the patient will have to take the drugs daily to maintain function. If they stop taking the drugs they revert back to overt symptoms of dysfunction. The disease process is maintained by drugs so as to not progress to major complications that lead to death.

How do we find the underlying cause of chronic diseases?

Diagnosis versus finding the cause:

Conventional medicine practitioners use different diagnostic tools to identify the problem and with their expert knowledge prescribe drugs or other interventions that help maintain organ function without necessarily identifying the cause.

Symptom Survey and History:

Many Holistic practitioners use a patient’s history and symptom survey to identify functional deficiencies of different organs and use their expert knowledge and experience to project the cause of those symptoms.

Nutrition Response Testing and Autonomic Response Testing:

The autonomic nervous system controls the function of internal organs. We can use a simple muscle test or applied kinesiology to glean the body’s reaction to stressors and nutrition. An outstretched arm can maintain its strength if there are no stressors on or around the body. Stress on any organ will cause a strong arm to become weak. You can also use the same processes to identify the cause of the stress on the organ.

Most chronic organ dysfunction is caused by nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, or intolerances, chemical or metal toxicities, immune challenges with parasites, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Scars can also cause interference in the flow of information between nerves.

I believe that Nutrition Response testing and other forms of autonomic response testing are accurate in identifying the underlying cause of organ dysfunction. Everybody is different, so it is good to have a system that obtains relevant information for each individual, not based on statistics of a population.

The body uses the Autonomic Nervous System to repair itself, using natural nutrients from food or nutritional supplements. It intrinsically knows which organs are in health and which are not in health. It has a system for directing the flow of nutrients to specific organs for repair.

Nutrition Response Testing simply taps into the intrinsic and intuitive response of the body. We have vials containing different food substances, vials with chemicals, metal, vials with different immune components that we can test against each individual to be able to determine if any of those may be related the organ dysfunction identified, using Nutrition Response Testing.

This is the method I use in my practice. I am a certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner as well as Autonomic Response Testing Practitioner.
We know that the body is built on nutrients from food. The body is also designed to repair itself using nutrients from foods.

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