SBN uses a combination of tools to identify areas of the body that might need nutritional support. It includes a comprehensive symptom survey, comprehensive blood chemistry, urine, and stool analysis, and may also include hair analysis for toxic elements.

This allows the practitioner to establish a baseline of biomarkers to track the health and nutritional needs of an individual. This offers a clear plan for determining and monitoring nutritional recommendations. In conventional medicine practice, most blood tests are reported using an established clinical range. If you are within the clinical range, you are considered normal. This does not necessarily mean you are healthy. We look at the test results more closely; healthy vs optimal vs clinical as well as clinical associations. We want to be able to see trends and deal with them before they become clinical.

We offer the lab tests at discounted rates. You can also bring in your own lab results. During the initial consult, we will tell you what labs we need done to be able to get a good picture of your health.

We also offer specialty labs when indicated for advanced coronary labs (includes Cleveland Heart Testing), male/female hormone tests, cancer screening tests at reasonable rates.