Success Stories

My thyroid has been hypoactive for ~ 21 years and I had been taking an ever-changing does of Synthroid daily. The past few years I have wanted to figure out what caused the dose to be unstable as well as to lower or eliminate Synthroid. In the past I had been given Standard Process Thyrotropin by a chiropractor but it fell short of my expectations once I lowered my Synthroid dose to 50 mcg.

Fortunately for me I came across an ad for WIZE NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING and met with Nwando. LIFE CHANGING !!!!! Three months after a weekly customized Standard Process regime I was off all products including Synthroid and thyrotropin for my thyroid.

I wish I could tell you that it was easy, but I can only say that it wasn’t too difficult. It did require willpower and taking more responsibility for my health and diet. Absolutely worth it. Sadly, I need to admit that although my undergraduate degree was in nutritional science and I was  well aware of the less than stellar food choices I made, I had no idea of the magnitude of the effect they had on my health. SUGAR was/is my demon. I can tell you that my desire to be healthy is greater than my desire to consume sugar. I continue to see Nwando to “fix” secondary health issues.

I should mention all of the positive results that I have experienced to date. My hair does not fall out and clog my drains like it did. My hair is now not as dry as it was, nor is it as grey as it was. I do not experience the underactive thyroid “brain fog” anymore. My vision has improved enough that I required new glasses to see properly. I also have lost the 18 pounds that I had gained following surgery eight years ago!!!

Thank you Nwando!!!!

Sandy C